Reflection of Presentation

As a group we worked well to collate all the relevant information together and put it into a PowerPoint presentation. We had already pre-planned the running order of the presentation so it was just a matter of putting it together.

Myself and another member of the team went to assemble the window display we had been planning to do. It was all going fine until we took the butterflies to the window which were strung on nylon thread, by the time we got to where we were featuring the display they had all completely tangled to the point where we had to cut them in order to separate them. At first this seemed like a massive issue but we made the most of a bad situation and just ended up hanging the butterflies at different heights, overall from the outside view of the window this looked really good so fortunately it worked out fine. However, if we were to do the display again we would certainly need to take the butterfly strands separately so this wouldn’t happen again.

After the setting up of the window we made sure we had everything in place for the presentation so we knew exactly what we were doing and when. Everything was set up fine, we had the Facebook page set up and the film that I had produced was ready to play at the correct point. For the interior we also had a virtual tour to show of the interior that we had to produce. This was intended to be projected on the main screen so it was easy to view for the audience. However, when we came to set this up on the screen it wouldn’t actually show so we had to show it on a computer screen, this was obviously a smaller screen than we had hoped to show it on although, it played fine this didn’t seem to be a major issue.

When it came to my point to speak in the presentation and I had to play my film there was no sound on it, I and another member of the team adjusted the speakers but it still wouldn’t work. Understandably during a final presentation this is not something that we wanted to happen. The longer this process went on the more nervous and uncomfortable I felt. Eventually we managed to sort the issue and the film played fine, but this had left me feeling incredibly nervous for my speaking part and I did feel I wasn’t as confident as I had hoped during my part. I do always try to practice my presentations before the final day and I will continue to do this for future projects so I can reinforce my confidence of what I am going to say.

Overall the presentation went well, we spoke in detail about every element we had designed and I think the fact we had done a substantial amount of research and prepping reflected in our presentation. I am pleased with how everything went and am now just looking forward to taking the skills I have used surrounding project management and using them in my future projects.


Creative Commons Images

Upon putting my blog together I was quite concerned with stories that I had heard surrounding copyright and the use of other peoples images. So I decided to do some research and see how I could tackle this issue and I found a great website called Creative Commons which has loads of imagery and other content which people like myself can use freely and legally. This was an enormous relief to me and even more of a surprise as I couldn’t believe the imagery that was available to be used. This is a really helpful site and has a lot of great stuff on it, I have put the link below for the Creative Commons site.


Presentation Film & Copyright with Music

As I have already mentioned my intentions were to put together a short film for the presentation of the campaign. Everything was going great until I decided to look for copyright free music which turned out to be an absolute nightmare. I think music can really add a significant element to a film but I couldn’t find anything that I really liked. I was ready for giving up before I decided to actually research into the copyright laws surrounding music. Anyway, after doing so I manage to find out something under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 called fair dealing. This basically states that for the purposes of research and study as long as literary, musical or artistic works are sufficiently acknowledged and used for non-commercial purposes it wouldn’t be infringing on any sort of copyright. This was great news for my studies and I was happy to produce a film I was really pleased with, however, due to the copyright laws I would be unable to upload my video with the music on it and unfortunately I am unable to do so due to the size of the file so I have included some images below of the film and some links to the copyright laws I looked at.






As part of the final presentation I decided to show a case study of the Facebook site showing what had been done and the idea behind it. Designing and making videos really interests me as I think you can really evoke an emotion when it’s done in the right way and put with the right music. It was incredibly hard trying to find some copyright free music which sounded good and fitted with the film. I looked at a number of previous case study videos to get an idea of what sort of direction to go in. I have posted my favourite case study video by Woolmark below. I must have literally watched this video hundreds of times and I still love how it’s been put together and this gave me great inspiration for my own case study video.

Other elements of my presentation will involve me showing the Facebook site and some model butterflies that have been made in order to demonstrate how the campaign would work. As a team we organised the presentation to be done as a sort of virtual shopping experience for the audience. So the idea is we start on entering the shop by viewing the window display and talking through that. This would lead into the product posters as they obviously would be featured in the window, which would then lead into the campaign poster as well as that would be shown in the window, tying in with the campaign posters would be the social media campaign, which then links to the packaging and physical purchasing of an item and then the browsing of the store which would be the interior. This is an effective way of organising the presentation and ensuring everyone knows exactly when they are going to be speaking and reflects maximum professionalism.


Social Media Site

As mentioned previously as part of our campaign idea we decided as a team to also offer an interesting social media site where people could get involved with the site and show their butterflies that they had made. It was my task to put together the site and keep monitoring it for activity. Although I had put a strict set of rules on the site stating that any behaviour found to be derogatory on the site would be removed immediately it still needed to be monitored constantly to ensure it was being used appropriately. I never assumed at first that the monitoring of the site would be such a heavy going task but obviously people go on Facebook at different times throughout the day and so every time someone ‘liked’ the page this notified me on my phone. I then had to go onto the site and check that no negative comments had been posted about the site.

Unfortunately the site didn’t prove as popular as I had hoped but looking back now I can understand why. The actual construction of a physical butterfly seemed like such a nice idea to start with. However, I believe this was asking too much of people and if the campaign was to be organised again it would be a better idea to construct some sort of virtual butterfly that could be sent to people as this would be easy for people to do from the comfort of their own home and I firmly believe people would get more involved with this if that was the case. I have attached a link below for the Facebook page that was created.


Window Display

As part of our project we decided that within the group we would put together a window display that would be featured in the reception area of our college. This was to show that the design idea that we had come up with as a group was actually feasible and could be carried out. As the social media campaign idea mainly revolved around butterflies we thought it would be a great idea to feature these in the window display. Using the origami butterflies which were on the social media site we constructed a number of butterflies but with a diverse twist. We decided to make them from magazines which worked well with the idea of people being brainwashed by media and feeling pressure to look a certain way. It also worked well as the fact the Body Shop are considered to be quite an ethical brand the reusing of magazines would fit in perfectly with this, then after the display featured had been finished the magazine butterflies could be recycled again. Below is an image of some of the magazine butterflies that were made.

recycled butterflies

The idea behind the window display is that it would feature a sort of curtain of butterflies strung up from the ceiling, as a team we had discussed and looked at a range of sources to analyse how this could be done. Below is just a few of the displays I looked at and the different styles of butterflies that could be made.

butteflies 2

origami but

origami butter

goorigami (2012) Origami Butterfly [online] Available at:[Accessed 6th January 2014]

Origami Spirit (2011) Swallowtail Butterfly [online] Available at:[Accessed 6th January 2014]

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Effective & Efficent Use of Time

As project manager it was up to me to organise the time effectively so that people had adequate enough time to get all tasks done to a high standard. I did this as best as I could by organising individual Gantt charts for everyone and then a separate one for the completion of the window display and the presentation. Part way through the project I did have to alter the Gantt charts and adjust them to where we currently were at with the project but I appreciate that this is I expect standard procedure in businesses when something doesn’t go according to plan you need to have the ability to adapt to the situation. Although, the charts did have to be altered it was by a significant amount so this shows that people were at least trying to stick to the times allocated.

I found a really interesting website which gives you great tips for managing your time efficiently and ensuring that you plan your day out to ensure all work is achieved.