Playing to People’s Strengths

Following on from confirming what as a group we intended to design and produce, we needed to structure the work so that we were playing to each others strengths around design. I have certainly realised that working in a group can be a massive benefit for a project as everyone has different areas which they specialise in and this can really be helpful.

As there are several different elements to the design project a person aiming to complete the whole project single handed could really struggle to produce distinctive pieces for each part. Using each persons tools can give a more overall rounded project with a continuous level of professionalism throughout each component.

To organise which task each person would be better suited to as a group we completed a SWOT analysis. Not only did this identify people’s strengths and the possibility of what their future roles would be it made us aware of and problems or issues that may arise surrounding the task.

SWOT analysis’ can be a simple yet effective tool for a project task but yet I feel it’s basic structure would only touch the surface with a more complex project and each item identified within the diagram would need further evaluation.


Smart Draw (no date) Smart Draw [online] Available at:[Accessed 17th December 2013]


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