Organising and Delegating

After realising everyone’s strengths it made the delegating of jobs a lot easier. As a team we worked well together to decide who was better at what as we all have very varied skills but this only came as a benefit to the group.

As I feel I am a particularly organised person, I assumed the role of producing certain charts and documents to organise the work and to fit within the time period allocated. Although I have been predominantly involved in the organising and delegating of work each member has had an input on their opinion of what should be done when. This has been helpful and clearer to me to produce charts such as Gantt charts of jobs that I have never done before so I was unaware of the process.

I personally, never realised how hard a decent and accurate Gantt chart can actually be. I began by producing one for the overall process of the project and then a separate one to send out to each individual and the process which they would go through. This was incredibly time consuming but it’s becoming more apparent how much of a helpful tool this can be as the weeks go on and everyone seems to be progressing at a steady pace in their individual jobs.

I have included a couple of the individual Gantt charts which were constructed for personal tasks and one for the overall project. You can see from the Gantt chart image how complex the charts can be, in comparison mine was quite basic but for the project it was organised for is currently working quite well.

Gantt Chart

Virtual Boss (no date) Gantt Chart [online] Available at:[Accessed 18th December 2013]

Sam gantt chart

Loren gantt chart

Gantt Chart Project Overview


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