smart goals

Education Scotland (no date) Setting Goals [online] Available at:[Accessed 18th December 2013]

This is a planning technique which I neither enjoyed doing or understood. I understand what each letter stands for:






and how you would assume that this would help in a project but I could not find decent examples of SMART goals anywhere which made it really difficult to comprehend how I would write out some SMART goals for our project. I was unsure how in depth the goals should be or if they were just a basic list of what the project outlined to achieve. However, I did manage to write out some SMART goals for the group project in the end, although very basic they will be something that is part of our coherent project plan document being put together. This is definitely something that needs to be revisited in the near future in order to understand the logistics of this.

I read numerous articles explaining what the idea behind it was but only found a handful helpful to what I was doing. I have added links to the articles which I felt used the best explanatory methods and also the SMART goals that I managed to write out for the group. As stated earlier this is certainly something that needs re-doing!

project management weekly update


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