As a group we only had one meeting a week to discuss any developing leads from the project so it was decided early on that an effective form of communication that we all had access to would be necessary. We soon decided on Facebook being the easiest method of messaging where we could all be involved in a conversation at once. Although I very much dislike receiving messages all throughout the day and when I have been at work catching up on a long list of things discussed can be really annoying, I do sincerely appreciate the need for this and realise that projects certainly aren’t Monday-Friday 9am-5pm hours. It is also extremely useful documentation of evidence of things discussed, obviously in a real life situation with a paying client this interaction and logging of conversations is essential to prove anything in the event of a disagreement.

Alongside this, we have had meetings each week where minutes have been produced for items discussed. I know this is a system which has been used for many years but I feel when one person is trying to write minutes it is difficult to involve yourself as much in the conversation and I don’t doubt some topics discussed will have been missed. In hindsight of this happening it maybe would have been an idea to get an outsider to take notes of the minutes so that all elements discussed were reported and documented accurately.

I have included in this post conversation and meeting evidence.

CMYK Team Meeting 22.11.13



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