The Body Shop Research

We began the task by doing research into The Body Shop to gain greater understanding of as a company what they were about and who their main competitors were etc. As we were designing particularly for The Body Shop in Beverley, East Yorkshire I assessed the main beauty and skin care competitors in the area and prepared a SWOT analysis on these to see how The Body Shop stood apart from the competition.

As a group we worked well together and soon realised that the only real main competitor that is on the same level as The Body Shop is Lush, although this shop isn’t in Beverley it was interesting and helpful to see what they offered in comparison.

Finding out as much information as possible about The Body Shop was a necessity in order to design items accordingly to fit in with their brand image. Although as a group it was agreed we wanted our designs to stand out the designs still need to be in keeping and have significant ethical design elements about them.

I never actually realised until doing this project how innovative and popular The Body Shop used to be when it first came on the scene. That distinguished brand image was our main target to regain.

Although quite obviously The Body Shop website paints a perfect picture of positive brand imagery it was certainly interesting to find articles that protested against this clean ethical image.

These are some interesting articles I came across when researching into The Body Shop.


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