Product Research

flickr (no date) flickr [online] Available at:[Accessed 22nd December 2013]

Within the competition brief it stated that we needed to produce 4xA2 posters to advertise the following products: Body Butter, Nutriganics Drops of Youth, Colour Crush Lipstick and White Musk Eau De Parfum. As there are 4 of us in the group, at the time it made sense to assign each person with a product and for them to research that product and bring back any relevant information for the following week. My product research item was the infamous Body Shop Body Butter. Already being a huge fan of this product made research easy and enjoyable! I found so many positive reviews available for this product so it’s understandable why 1 is sold every 2 seconds and it is known as being The Body Shops most iconic product.

Thinking back to the product research part of the project I imagine in a real life scenario you would have just one person undertaking all the research instead of dividing it amongst a group. At the time the way we divided the research it did work however, I think looking back for future projects I would be more inclined to delegate all research tasks to one person so the information brought back is of the same level throughout and thorough.

Below are some informative body butter reviews and information about the products.


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