Construction Design Management


Wikimedia Commons (no date) File: Construction in Toronto May 2012.jpg [online] Available at:[Accessed 25th December 2013]

Construction Design Management or alternatively known as just CDM first introduced in 2007 aims to reduce risk and improve health and safety in a design environment. CDM 2007 was introduced to place legal constraints on anyone involved in construction work. Anyone involved in site work has a duty of care to ensure that even before work commences the construction site is safe and not going to put anyone else at risk no matter how small the project.

Designers must make themselves aware of the guidelines involved to eliminate the risk of any hazard. Again just like the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 if these regulations are not adhered to action will be taken involving, if serious breaches of this are made this could possibly require the work to be stopped until the issues are rectified even more serious breaches could result in prosecution.

Obviously the CDM 2007 is there to protect people while construction work is being undertaken and chances of an accident happening when these standards aren’t complied with are much more likely. If a construction was to be built without following these regulations and something bad was to happen this would also reflect and have detrimental negative impact on a company affecting future business opportunities so it is important to remain professional and abide by the guidelines at all times. Below is a link leading to the page on Health and Safety Executive website which tells you all about CDM 2007.


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