Furniture Requirements in the Workplace


Brick Towers College (no date) Historia de la computacion [online] Available at:[Accessed 26th December 2013]

There are many regulations relating to workplace environmental health and safety but I find restrictions regarding the actual furniture particularly interesting as this was a lot more extensive and in depth than I first assumed. It is well known that the type of furniture chosen can be the difference between a happy and productive work force or a miserable and unmotivated one. Although employers have duties to respond to with guidelines regards furniture it is also very much in their interests to choose the correct items so that their team feel comfortable.

Certain requirements must be followed surrounding furniture in the workplace such as the strength, stability and safety of tables and desks, seating, storage, display screens (i.e. computer screens) and the flammability of furniture. The Workplace Health, Safety and Welfare guidelines issued by the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) outlines that employees should have the ability to leave work stations quickly in the event of an emergency and that seating should give adequate support to the lower back and also that foot rests should be provided for any employee who’s feet can not touch flat on the ground from a seated position. All furniture including tables chairs and storage furniture is required to be tested and approved that they are suitable to be a working environment. The image at the top gives a great diagram as to how a computer workstation is required to look.


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