Health & Safety in Working Environments


Nikiniku (no date) Modern Office Workstation Designed from ZG Group [online] Available at:[Accessed 27th December 2013]

All employers have set regulations which they must follow to provide the basis of a healthy and safe working environment. Again the HSE (Health & Safety Executive) website gives an extensive breakdown of all the information which employers need to know. I can imagine starting up a new business can be extremely stressful especially to ensure you are inline with all regulations that should be followed.

I have never actually realised until upon conducting research into health and safety in the work place that different regulations applied for the amount of people that were employed in a company. For example obviously health and safety should be followed for all businesses but it’s not until there are 5 or more employees that there must be a written health and safety policy. I was also shocked to find that performing a risk assessment on a workplace is relatively easy, as you are asked to walk around the workplace and identify anything that could be a hazard and then judge the risk of that happening and that will show how high a danger that item is. The HSE even provide a risk assessment template to assist employers with the doing of this. Again if a company has less than 5 employees this isn’t necessary to be written down. I have attached a link to an excellent document for guidelines on health and safety in work environments from the HSE and I believe this is an easy to follow document which companies should be able to comply with.


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