Health & Safety with Building Maintenance


flickr (no date) flickr [online] Available at:[Accessed 27th December 2013]

Within a business practice there will always be someone who is responsible for the repairs and maintenance of a building, this is normally called the ‘dutyholder’. You would normally be considered the ‘dutyholder’ if you own the building, are responsible for the building through a contract or tenancy agreement, you have full control over the building or if the building is occupied by more than one business but you are the owner and have accepted responsibility for the repairs and maintenance for the whole building.

I found it reasonably difficult to find any information on standard requirements for the general maintenance of buildings however, I did notice that there is a lot of information available to reduce asbestos exposure to building occupants. I for one certainly didn’t realise that this was still such an issue in buildings and had always assumed this was quite a dated problem that didn’t really occur anymore so this for me was quite interesting.


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