Penn, J (no date) Flickr [online] Available at:[Accessed 6th January 2014]

After deciding on the social media campaign as an extra item to go alongside the poster that needed to be designed. I began to think of ways of how even though it was a Facebook campaign getting the public to physically interact by doing something positive to do with the campaign.

As a group we had already discussed the idea of offering a new range aimed at 11-19 year olds as The Body Shop currently don’t cater for this market and we felt this would be a great direction to go in in an attempt to drive new business into The Body Shop. Also the main reason we came up with our campaign idea was to target this age group as they feel under the most pressure to dress and look a certain way. Especially with the abundance of ‘reality’ TV shows around currently which also affects they way younger generations think they should look. Whilst discussing all this during one of our meetings we came up with the idea of a centred theme of a butterfly. This was because much like people, butterflies undergo a transitional period when growing up and have different stages in their life. Also there are so many different and unique species of butterflies with a variety of different patterns and looks and again this is something that can relate to people. As a group we wanted to show that it’s this uniqueness that needs to be celebrated and when someone is different it shouldn’t be seen as something that is negative.

So using the idea of butterflies we decided to go with the option of creating a Facebook page and putting instructions on there to be able to make your own origami butterfly and then this would be given to someone as a gift you cared about to show how unique and beautiful you think they are. This was involving a certain amount of general public interaction and creating something positive from the campaign. This also fell perfectly within our budget as we could physically do it and it wouldn’t cost us a penny.


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