Following on from deciding what our campaign was going to be about I began looking into what sort of campaigns that companies have actually done. We decided as a group that it would be too easy to get sucked into focusing on the negative and emotional attachments to our campaign and wanted to do something more positive and shift the light on to that instead of it having to be something that tugs at your heart strings.

I started off by looking at clever advertisements and things that companies have done and I soon realised that the best ones, or the ones that I found the most interesting were the campaigns which actually involved the general public and got them interacting with something engaging them more than what a normal poster would.

Below are a few of my favourite advertising campaigns which I found.

I particularly like this Volkswagen idea with the stairs as it’s not so much of a direct advertisement for the company but certainly would make you remember them.

I’ve also put another link below which has some great links to marketing campaigns on it. Some really get you thinking.


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