Health and Safety with Transport


Wikimedia Commons (no date) File: Forklift-Truck.jpg [online] Available at:[Accessed 6th January 2014]

I wasn’t aware until I looked further into health and safety with transport that there is so many major incidents with vehicles being used with people either working or at work. I was also very surprised to find out that up to a third of traffic accidents involve someone who is actually working at the time. The safety when using vehicles generally comes under the Road Vehicle (Construction and Use) Regulations 1986 legislation. Which outlines a series of points employers must follow to manage the use of vehicles used at work effectively and safely.

Again there is an easy to read leaflet located on the HSE website stating the ins and outs with regards to workplace transport and how employers should address these issues appropriately to eliminate any danger. Please see below link for overview for health and safety with transport.

I also found an interesting checklist which is only available on the internet for employers to use and to risk assess any dangers there may be. Again I have attached the link for this document below.


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