Interim Presentation

Following on from deciding on the basic concepts for each aspects of the design project we had to perform an interim presentation as a group. As we have all had an area of particular focus we each thought it would be best to talk about your own specialist area as obviously you would know more about it than anyone else, mine being the social media campaign.

I put together a background PowerPoint for the group so we would look more professional and prior to the presentation we decided on a running order of when each person would speak. Even though the presentation was quite basic and just really to gain the direction we were going in with the project I feel as a group we did well. The only thing I think that does need thinking about is that each person needs to specifically write down what they are going to say for their part so they either don’t go off track or miss any important points. This is only a minor thing and something we can all learn from for future presentations. The final presentation I expect will be a much more confident pitch of our ideas. I often try to look for various presentation techniques and things you can do to improve and I found a great one which I have put a link for below.

I also found a great link that shows good and bad examples of presentation techniques.


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