Origami Butterflies

Moving on from the idea to get people interacting with the campaign it was then time to decide on a specific shape and technique of origami butterfly to be uploaded to the site page, as there are so many it was important to find one which was simple to do so that people could easily make it.

I personally am a bit hopeless when it comes to making any sort of origami item so I knew if it was easy enough for me to make then I’m sure the majority of the general public would be able to do it.

As a group we discussed various butterflies that could be made and soon realised out of each design which was the easiest one to complete. However, we didn’t really want to put a link to say an instruction video as we wanted the campaign to look as professional as possible. I put together a series of step by step instructions together as this was my main area of focus this would be one of my responsibilities. I did struggle initially putting the instructions together as I wanted them to look as good as possible and thought they might look best all on one image in a sort of collage format. It’s surprising how under pressure you feel to get things looking just right when other people are relying on you to do something. I put together some instructions as a collage format but when I came to put these on the Facebook site it just came out as a really small image and you couldn’t view the instructions properly. Being able to message other people in my group about this really helped at the time, although they weren’t able to solve the problem for me sometimes it’s just nice to know that if they could help you then they would. Eventually I uploaded the instructions as separate images on to the site and these actually came out a lot clearer and are much easier to view. I have put the collage instructions below to demonstrate how ligible they were and then just one image of the new instructions to show the contrast in clarity.

collage instructions

instructions blog


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