Product Poster Designs

The product poster designs were a creative collaboration between two members of the group and I could not be more pleased with the outcome it just shows that two people with very different skills can work together well and produce an amazing design.

Even though I didn’t have much involvement in the physical production of the posters that doesn’t mean that I didn’t feel I was entitled to an opinion about them. Suggestions from each member of the group were seen as valid and taken on board, each meeting we got a bit further with the posters until the completion of them. Although a lot of thought and work went into the designing of them I would like to think being organised and keeping people on track helped with the end result of the posters being finished within a reasonable time frame. Below are the finished posters, I think it truly reflects The Body Shop’s image in a new and diverse light. They are seen as being a very organic brand and close to nature and that is exactly the theme surrounding these posters. The concept is basically saying that the products are that natural they can grow on trees. Looking at the posters I think they are a great reflection of the Body Shop and show how fresh and natural the products are. The added aspect of different seasons in the posters offer a new advertising element which could further be developed upon.

final posties

final posties 2

final posties 3

final posties 4


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