Project Planning Document

project check

flickr (no date) flickr [online] Available at:[Accessed 6th January 2014]

I had been nominated as being project manager as my skills regarding organisation best fitted this role, another one of my main tasks was completing the project planning document. At first I was left feeling a bit disheartened by this task as being on a design course you would generally expect to be seen as a creative person and I was left feeling inadequate in comparison to the other members of the group. Although after speaking to the other members I soon realised that yes we all have extremely different skills but without each one of us we couldn’t make the project work. Organising work and completing charts and a fully coherent project plan was something I really enjoyed, I’m not sure why, I’m sure most people would find this extremely boring but I just really got into it. Also, although my main task was completing the plan I have never once felt uninvolved with the creative side of the project and have input on various tasks the whole way through.

I wanted to produce a professional looking document so I did a significant amount of research before completing the task to get an idea of what needed to be in the plan. I found a very helpful document which pretty much had all the information I needed to know in it. Although I wasn’t able to transfer all items from the document into my own project plan I certainly learnt a lot from it and will definitely be able to use these new skills again for another project.

I’ve attached a few links which helped me in the planning of my own plan and one for document I came across which was particularly helpful.


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