Rules & Regulations

The BSI is an organisation which offers the support of providing the best standards within a business practice. The BSI can help you not just offer basic regulations but get all aspects of your business up to a very high standard. This could include health and safety aspects such as minimising any accidents in the work place. It is a very well known organisation and you could even have your business BSI certified which makes people aware that you and your team are working in the most professional and efficient manner. This can have significant impact on reflecting your company’s image and ensure that you are a trustworthy organisation to be dealt with. Below is a link for the BSI website which gives more information on the services that they offer.

Alongside the BSI there are a number of regulatory bodies which ensure that best business practice is followed at all times. For each specialist design area there is a specified body which offer advice and support in that particular area. For example the Design Council is a group which is governed by a body of trustees and is a Royal Charter charity. Their mission is to transform businesses and communities for the better and even tackle difficult social issues. On the Design Council’s website they have a number of case studies showing the sort of projects they have had involvement with. Below is a link to their website.–Dagenham/


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