Social Media


Wikimedia Commons (no date) File: Facebook like thumb png. [online] Available at:[Accessed 6th January 2014]

I found the campaign ideas that have been done absolutely fascinating however, realising it wouldn’t be realistic or feasible to do anything on the sort of scale as the ones I have viewed with having zero budget I started to think of other ways to raise awareness for our cause.

Now I think it’s no secret as to how much social media plays a massive part in our lives nowadays and it’s no longer just younger generations that are joining such sites as Facebook, more and more adults are joining everyday so this seemed a logical direction to go with the campaign. I started to look at campaigns already on Facebook and found some interesting examples (which I have put links to below) and I realised just how many people get involved with something when it’s something as simple as ‘liking’ a page for a cause that you can relate to.

Both of these campaign sites have interesting articles on and are both very visual. This is certainly something to bare in mind when creating our own social media campaign site.


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