Helping & Growth of Team Members

The meetings that we have had have been an integral part of the project to not only organise work but to provide emotional support as well. A team project can by very tying especially when you work in a group of people you essentially consider to be your friends you don’t want to upset anyone and this is a very difficult aspect I felt throughout the project. It was a constant battle between getting the right balance of assertiveness and not looking like an extremely horrible person.

I decided to do some research into how employers offer support to employees and it seems this is normally done in the form of a one on one discussion either regarding the service they are providing and suggesting progression or on an emotional level. Either can be topics which can benefit and keep the employee happy. I have put together my own feedback form which I imagine could be used had the project been for a longer period of time. I think this would help to understand the team member or employee better and not only that but form a bond with them which in turn reinforces trust. Below is the feedback form I designed.

team member form


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