Motivational Tactics

When I looked into what would be considered as a motivational tactic I soon noticed strong similarities between this and the research involved in the increased productivity role. It seems the key to a motivated and productive work force is ensuring their happiness is key. As it was my role to act as project manager I had to assume the position of motivating people. I do consider myself to be a highly self-motivated person but when trying to pull together and keep motivated another 3 people as well as yourself can really wear you down. I did try to follow basic rules involved when organising a team, which I have put a link for below, however, by the final week the cracks were starting to show and I began to lose my patience slightly. One thing I do strongly regret which I can learn from and even act on now as the project isn’t finished is to give more praise. This is one thing you can do one on one or in a group and can really be the boost a team needs and ensure people are happy and content with what they are doing. This is certainly one aspect I will take with me and hold on to so I ensure I do this in the future.


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