Personal Reflection

At the beginning of the project the team worked quickly to find out each others skills and delegate tasks appropriately. The communication throughout the project was imperative to the task and the group maintained constant contact which proved very effective. The great thing about the project was not only did we get to work in our specialised area but we all got to learn some great new skills that we will be able to use in the future. My main team role consisted of the delegating of work and organising of tasks, I did find this very difficult, although I am a particularly organised person myself the organisation of other people is a whole different story. When I felt I had communicated myself clearly I obviously hadn’t and this is certainly something I will be thinking about in the future if I was to ever assist in a role like this again. I will take away with me the need for effective and clear delegation of roles to ensure less confusion throughout projects. Although, this was something I will definitely learn from and whilst some parts were unquestionably hard I will ensure I am taking away the positives with me from the project of things to learn from.


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