As part of the final presentation I decided to show a case study of the Facebook site showing what had been done and the idea behind it. Designing and making videos really interests me as I think you can really evoke an emotion when it’s done in the right way and put with the right music. It was incredibly hard trying to find some copyright free music which sounded good and fitted with the film. I looked at a number of previous case study videos to get an idea of what sort of direction to go in. I have posted my favourite case study video by Woolmark below. I must have literally watched this video hundreds of times and I still love how it’s been put together and this gave me great inspiration for my own case study video.

Other elements of my presentation will involve me showing the Facebook site and some model butterflies that have been made in order to demonstrate how the campaign would work. As a team we organised the presentation to be done as a sort of virtual shopping experience for the audience. So the idea is we start on entering the shop by viewing the window display and talking through that. This would lead into the product posters as they obviously would be featured in the window, which would then lead into the campaign poster as well as that would be shown in the window, tying in with the campaign posters would be the social media campaign, which then links to the packaging and physical purchasing of an item and then the browsing of the store which would be the interior. This is an effective way of organising the presentation and ensuring everyone knows exactly when they are going to be speaking and reflects maximum professionalism.


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