Social Media Site

As mentioned previously as part of our campaign idea we decided as a team to also offer an interesting social media site where people could get involved with the site and show their butterflies that they had made. It was my task to put together the site and keep monitoring it for activity. Although I had put a strict set of rules on the site stating that any behaviour found to be derogatory on the site would be removed immediately it still needed to be monitored constantly to ensure it was being used appropriately. I never assumed at first that the monitoring of the site would be such a heavy going task but obviously people go on Facebook at different times throughout the day and so every time someone ‘liked’ the page this notified me on my phone. I then had to go onto the site and check that no negative comments had been posted about the site.

Unfortunately the site didn’t prove as popular as I had hoped but looking back now I can understand why. The actual construction of a physical butterfly seemed like such a nice idea to start with. However, I believe this was asking too much of people and if the campaign was to be organised again it would be a better idea to construct some sort of virtual butterfly that could be sent to people as this would be easy for people to do from the comfort of their own home and I firmly believe people would get more involved with this if that was the case. I have attached a link below for the Facebook page that was created.


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