Reflection of Presentation

As a group we worked well to collate all the relevant information together and put it into a PowerPoint presentation. We had already pre-planned the running order of the presentation so it was just a matter of putting it together.

Myself and another member of the team went to assemble the window display we had been planning to do. It was all going fine until we took the butterflies to the window which were strung on nylon thread, by the time we got to where we were featuring the display they had all completely tangled to the point where we had to cut them in order to separate them. At first this seemed like a massive issue but we made the most of a bad situation and just ended up hanging the butterflies at different heights, overall from the outside view of the window this looked really good so fortunately it worked out fine. However, if we were to do the display again we would certainly need to take the butterfly strands separately so this wouldn’t happen again.

After the setting up of the window we made sure we had everything in place for the presentation so we knew exactly what we were doing and when. Everything was set up fine, we had the Facebook page set up and the film that I had produced was ready to play at the correct point. For the interior we also had a virtual tour to show of the interior that we had to produce. This was intended to be projected on the main screen so it was easy to view for the audience. However, when we came to set this up on the screen it wouldn’t actually show so we had to show it on a computer screen, this was obviously a smaller screen than we had hoped to show it on although, it played fine this didn’t seem to be a major issue.

When it came to my point to speak in the presentation and I had to play my film there was no sound on it, I and another member of the team adjusted the speakers but it still wouldn’t work. Understandably during a final presentation this is not something that we wanted to happen. The longer this process went on the more nervous and uncomfortable I felt. Eventually we managed to sort the issue and the film played fine, but this had left me feeling incredibly nervous for my speaking part and I did feel I wasn’t as confident as I had hoped during my part. I do always try to practice my presentations before the final day and I will continue to do this for future projects so I can reinforce my confidence of what I am going to say.

Overall the presentation went well, we spoke in detail about every element we had designed and I think the fact we had done a substantial amount of research and prepping reflected in our presentation. I am pleased with how everything went and am now just looking forward to taking the skills I have used surrounding project management and using them in my future projects.


2 thoughts on “Reflection of Presentation

  1. Michele Thompson says:

    Hi Sarah – I’ve really enjoyed reading through your blog posts – they communicate a very thorough and professional approach to this design project – your thoughts on team working, how you have managed and motivated the team and the design elements, the planning and preparation you have undertaken and the research both for the project and for your own additional elements are outstanding – very well done!!

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