Advantages & Disadvantages

As a team we had together a list of advantages and disadvantages that we had found throughout the project. As this was part of the project plan I put this together then sent it to the other team members to verify that this was suitable and then offer any other suggestions to go in the two lists. Fortunately as a group we did seem to have more advantages than disadvantages with the skills that we all held. Please see advantages & disadvantages below:



Helping & Growth of Team Members

The meetings that we have had have been an integral part of the project to not only organise work but to provide emotional support as well. A team project can by very tying especially when you work in a group of people you essentially consider to be your friends you don’t want to upset anyone and this is a very difficult aspect I felt throughout the project. It was a constant battle between getting the right balance of assertiveness and not looking like an extremely horrible person.

I decided to do some research into how employers offer support to employees and it seems this is normally done in the form of a one on one discussion either regarding the service they are providing and suggesting progression or on an emotional level. Either can be topics which can benefit and keep the employee happy. I have put together my own feedback form which I imagine could be used had the project been for a longer period of time. I think this would help to understand the team member or employee better and not only that but form a bond with them which in turn reinforces trust. Below is the feedback form I designed.

team member form


Motivational Tactics

When I looked into what would be considered as a motivational tactic I soon noticed strong similarities between this and the research involved in the increased productivity role. It seems the key to a motivated and productive work force is ensuring their happiness is key. As it was my role to act as project manager I had to assume the position of motivating people. I do consider myself to be a highly self-motivated person but when trying to pull together and keep motivated another 3 people as well as yourself can really wear you down. I did try to follow basic rules involved when organising a team, which I have put a link for below, however, by the final week the cracks were starting to show and I began to lose my patience slightly. One thing I do strongly regret which I can learn from and even act on now as the project isn’t finished is to give more praise. This is one thing you can do one on one or in a group and can really be the boost a team needs and ensure people are happy and content with what they are doing. This is certainly one aspect I will take with me and hold on to so I ensure I do this in the future.


Personal Reflection

At the beginning of the project the team worked quickly to find out each others skills and delegate tasks appropriately. The communication throughout the project was imperative to the task and the group maintained constant contact which proved very effective. The great thing about the project was not only did we get to work in our specialised area but we all got to learn some great new skills that we will be able to use in the future. My main team role consisted of the delegating of work and organising of tasks, I did find this very difficult, although I am a particularly organised person myself the organisation of other people is a whole different story. When I felt I had communicated myself clearly I obviously hadn’t and this is certainly something I will be thinking about in the future if I was to ever assist in a role like this again. I will take away with me the need for effective and clear delegation of roles to ensure less confusion throughout projects. Although, this was something I will definitely learn from and whilst some parts were unquestionably hard I will ensure I am taking away the positives with me from the project of things to learn from.


Improving Productivity

Although, as a team we have worked well together there are always areas to work on and areas for improvement. I analysed a number of websites which offered information on how to improve productivity in the workplace and to my surprise I did not find a number of organisational charts but more a number of tips on how to basically keep your workforce happy and motivated. In hind sight this is quite an obvious aspect for increased productivity as if you have a happy work force and an enjoyable environment to work in you will be more inclined to put more effort in to a task and deliver it to a high standard. Also it is important to lead by example and have a management team who is well respected and works as hard as every member of the team. Below are the articles I looked at for tips on improving productivity in the work place.


What is ‘Design Right’?

Alongside patenting of items and copyright there is a fairly new British protection called Design Right. If you were to design something which was completely and totally original Design Right would protect the physical shape of that item from being copied. Although Design Right will not cover you for any 2D images you may have designed, the cover it does offer for other original works can last a fair amount of time, 15 years after the design was created and 10 after the design has been first marketed and sold. If however, someone was to use your idea without your permission you would need to be able to prove that the works were original, that you were the first to create it and that any copying of the item had been deliberate. Below are links for more details on Design Right.